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Read the following review of, to discover if this dating site is the key to finding singles to date. Many single men and women go to the Internet, specifically to websites like and others reviewed on Prime Dating Sites, to find other single men and women for fun, romance, friendship or marriage. Read on to see if is the top choice for you, or if you would be better served by another personals service.

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Date.comHow can we meet someone new if we are always stuck in the same circle? With the commitments that we face in our daily lives, we end up meeting the same people whether it is at work, at play or otherwise. Sometimes, we need a little push to break out of this endless cycle that is filled with the same faces. This is where comes in. With so many singles joining this dating service, you would have a lot of opportunities to mingle and date beyond your social circle.

Register Now
Just by registering at, you will have the opportunity to create your own profile and view the headshots of the many singles that are also looking for someone new to meet. As a member, you get to specify how far your ideal man or woman should live from you as well as the type of date that would sweep you off your feet. The more the information you put in, the higher your chances are of meeting your ideal partner.

Highly Interactive
Another impressive feature of is that you are guided through the registration process. When you enter the page, an agent will make sure that you won't have second thoughts about signing up. She will tell you about the pros of signing up for their online services. And, as you fill up your profile, you will receive messages that make sure you don't forget the important steps that you need to do in order to make your profile more appealing.

Inspiring Stories
At, you get to view articles that provide advice on dating and flirting. You also get to read the success stories of two people who found each other through These tales are so inspirational that you are compelled to keep on searching for your special someone on this dating site.

A Fantastic Match Maker
If you are a little bit shy and can't make the first move, let do it for you. As a member, you will receive some e-mails that will introduce you to other compatible singles based on shared preferences. They will also send the same introduction to the other party. And, if you are interested, will tell your match for you. Because your match also has the same option, you'll know if he or she is interested in you too.

Chat and Send Messages
By becoming a Gold Member in, you also have the option to send messages to people that interests you. You can also visit the chat rooms and have online chats with someone who could be your ideal match. In addition to that, you can enjoy instant messaging with people you meet as well as viewing each other through a webcam. With so many convenient tools at your fingertips, there really is no excuse to be shy when you can be social within the comfort of your own home.

Because you can sign up for free at, you can check out their services without losing anything. And once someone has caught your interest, you can show your interest for free. But if you want to take it further than a virtual flirt, you'll need to sign up as a Gold Member. Although gold members are required to pay a membership fee, consider it as a social investment in love and romance.

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